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One of the best options for those struggling with substance addiction is rehabilitation. However, it can be hard to make time for recovery when you’re also trying to juggle work and other responsibilities. Maybe you know you need help, but there’s always something else you need to do: important meetings, work trips, and deadlines. Or, maybe there’s something scary about seeking the help you need: how will it affect your image, employment, and relationships? There are plenty of reasons to feel uncertain about treatment, but none of them outweigh the severity of the consequences of not getting the help you need. You deserve a rehab center that can work with your busy lifestyle and ambitious goals, not against them. At Parkdale Center, we aim to provide quality drug rehab in Terre Haute while helping our clients maintain their careers during and after treatment.

Based in Indiana, the Parkdale Center is located just off Indian Boundary Road, along Coffee Creek. We’ve worked hard to make it possible for our clients to take that crucial first step toward recovery while still maintaining the time and energy for their careers to excel in their careers. Call us today at 888-402-9364 to learn more.

Drug Rehab for Terre Haute Residents

Why We Offer Terre Haute Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse is not a new problem in the United States. In 2019, 20.4 million people were diagnosed with substance use disorders. Yet, in the same year, only 10.3% of people with substance use disorders received addiction treatment. It’s not uncommon to live with substance use behaviors you feel like you can’t control. However, a lack of treatment is a large part of why addiction persists. Without proper care, you’re unlikely to recover on your own — not because you can’t, but because addiction is a chronic illness that deserves proper attention. We know that many professionals feel like they have to choose between themselves and everything they’ve worked to achieve. At the Parkdale Center, we’re working to change that by offering career-focused drug rehab in Terre Haute.

Help for Professionals

Who We Help

Parkdale focuses on treating professionals across the United States in highly accountable industries, who struggle with addiction. Parkdale utilizes innovative programs and solutions that meet those struggling with substance use disorder. Privacy and anonymity are of the utmost importance to the team at Parkdale.

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What We Do

Our Treatment Services

Withdrawal Management

We offer medically supervised withdrawal management to help you take the first step towards freedom.

Partial Hospitalization

Our partial hospitalization program offers you the benefits of inpatient treatment without the restrictions.

Intensive Outpatient

The intensive outpatient program at Parkdale Center was designed specifically for working professionals.
Individualized Care

What We Do: Drug Rehab in Terre Haute Designed for Professionals

The Parkdale Center’s mission is to offer the highest quality of care to professionals dealing with substance use disorder. We utilize a unique treatment that focuses on the whole person, not just addiction symptoms, to help you overcome the challenges life throws your way. Our treatment is client-focused and led by a team of caring, experienced professionals adhering to pillars of respect and transparency. With 35+ years of experience, the Parkdale Center team is equipped to help you take important steps toward lasting recovery without sacrificing your passion for your career.

Our Professionals Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

Addiction Treatment for Every Step of Recovery

Our treatment programs are geared toward longevity and results. We work hard to provide an environment where you can feel comfortable and supported. Here, you’ll be able to dive into the deeper roots of your substance abuse and use that knowledge to create a better, sober future for yourself. Our facilities are staffed by experienced professionals ready to help you make the necessary changes.

  • Withdrawal Management – Often, people dealing with substance use disorders will struggle with withdrawal symptoms when they stop using substances. These symptoms can be uncomfortable and dangerous when not handled properly. For some clients, detoxification is necessary to ensure a safe withdrawal process. While we do not offer detoxification, we do offer a Withdrawal Management Program for clients able to withdraw safely. In this program, you’ll receive guided, personalized support as you go through the withdrawal process.
  • Partial Hospitalization – Our Partial Hospitalization Program is an intensive, full-time program. This program gives you access to all of Parkdale’s treatment services, our group therapeutic systems, and life skills training. Here, you’ll learn to manage your addiction through a variety of therapy options, such as mindfulness meditation, cognitive therapy, and understanding relapse. You’ll participate in intensive therapeutic programming for at least three hours per day, five days per week. Additionally, your family and employers can be provided tools for support and education so that you can achieve maximum recovery outcomes.
  • Intensive Outpatient – Managing addiction is a lifelong battle. After rehabilitation, when someone is reintroduced to the “real world,” they can often feel bombarded by the same factors and triggers that led them down the wrong path in the first place. The IOP serves as a solid, structured transitionary period for those leaving inpatient treatment. In this program, clients participate in at least 9 hours of therapeutic time per week in the care of a qualified addiction counselor. With this program, you’ll learn to implement healthy habits as you return to “normal life.”

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We Go Beyond Other Terre Haute Drug Rehab Centers

A unique aspect of our approach to Terre Haute addiction treatment is our willingness to go beyond your initial rehabilitation process. The treatment is half of your journey; the rest consists of lifelong work to maintain sobriety and health. We offer a range of options beyond initial treatment to help ensure the viability and continuance of your healing.

  • Aftercare – Our aftercare program is designed as a guiding path to sobriety and the rejuvenated, promising life that comes with it. This program offers ongoing support beyond the border of the IOP. Our aftercare program is 100% virtual and continues based on the needs of the individual, making it conveniently accessible no matter where you are.
  • Dual-Diagnosis – There is often a prominent overlap between mental health and substance use disorders. To combat this combination, we offer our dual diagnosis program in which both your mental health condition and substance use can be treated simultaneously for long-lasting results in recovery and life.
  • Family Support – Addiction is painful for families; however, family can play an integral role in your recovery. Nourishing and repairing family bonds is an important step in working towards lifelong recovery. We are committed to providing comprehensive, whole treatment and do so by helping our clients heal the family unit. Our Family program works to bring education and compassion to the family unit and help create understanding and support between clients and families. We also offer ongoing support meetings via Zoom for families and loved ones to practice connection and support.
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Treatment for Professionals

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Parkdale Center believes it’s possible to work on recovery without sacrificing the things that matter most to you, including your career. It’s our job to find treatment solutions that not only synergize with your career goals but enhance them. For this reason, we offer convenient, quality, remote telehealth care for our clients. Whether you’re between meetings or on a business trip, our HIPAA-compliant and technology-based treatment options allow you to conduct business as usual while working toward your lifelong recovery.

We also know that it’s not uncommon for addiction to take its toll on your work life. Professionals may face legal, regulatory, licensing, and credentialing consequences due to some circumstances of their addiction. Clients completing the Parkdale Professional Program receive dedicated support in facing legal, licensing, and regulatory issues on their journey back to health and well-being. Parkdale Center works closely with many of these agencies and institutions to help address your professional needs as you work toward your healing. Our commitment to career growth and restoration sets us apart from any other drug rehab in Terre Haute.

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Choose Parkdale Center for Terre Haute Addiction Treatment

If you’re a working professional struggling with substance abuse, you may be hesitant to pursue addiction treatment. Be it fear of losing your job or lack of time, no reason for hesitation can outweigh the dangerous consequences of substance abuse.

Taking the first step toward treatment is a good portion of the battle against addiction. We want you to live a life of health and progress; addiction treatment is a worthwhile way to do so. If you’re ready to begin your journey to drug rehab in Terre Haute, call us today at 888-402-9364 to learn more about your options.

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