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Many busy professionals know how to invest in their careers but not in themselves. Intense pressure on the job or a strong drive to succeed motivates many to prioritize work above all else. When substance use and addiction enter the mix, things can quickly spiral out of control. Those who push themselves the hardest can rise to great heights but also experience significant lows. 

If feeling lost, fearful, or hopeless about your addiction sounds familiar, know that you are not alone. Substance use disorders are among the most common conditions affecting people of all populations, many of whom know what it’s like to walk a mile in your shoes. We’re here to help you find and learn from them and yourself. 

Parkdale Center is committed to serving as a place where you can connect with others who understand. Our Indiana drug rehab center is located just an hour outside of the city, offering a private but accessible option for professionals needing drug rehab in Chicago. No matter your background or needs, we’re here to help.

Our Addiction Treatment Services in Chicago

Chicago Addiction Treatment Tailored for Professionals

The team at Parkdale Center understands the unique challenges dedicated professionals face when living with addiction. The desire to get and stay ahead can become a significant stressor that fuels substance use. Some of the most driven, passionate, educated, and successful professionals may also be those struggling the most. 

But stress and demands at work aren’t the only factors to consider. Some professionals may put their licenses, certifications, or jobs on the line by misusing substances. Being caught or suspected of using substances can, unfortunately, be enough to halt many high-level careers. 

We know it’s challenging to seek help when so much is at stake. We also understand how crucial career preservation and restoration are to our clients. That’s why we’ve created an Indiana IOP designed for working professionals. Let Parkdale Center be your gateway to a happier, healthier life.

Help for Professionals

Who We Help

Parkdale focuses on treating professionals across the United States in highly accountable industries, who struggle with addiction. Parkdale utilizes innovative programs and solutions that meet those struggling with substance use disorder. Privacy and anonymity are of the utmost importance to the team at Parkdale.

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What We Do

Our Treatment Services

Withdrawal Management

We offer medically supervised withdrawal management to help you take the first step towards freedom.

Partial Hospitalization

Our partial hospitalization program offers you the benefits of inpatient treatment without the restrictions.

Intensive Outpatient

The intensive outpatient program at Parkdale Center was designed specifically for working professionals.
Understanding Individualized Care

Restoring Lives & Rebuilding Careers

At our drug rehab for professionals, we know professionals carry a lot on their shoulders. Unlike other Chicago drug rehab centers, we don’t ask our clients to completely detach from their careers. It’s important to us that our clients can successfully return to their careers while sustaining the changes made during recovery. From the first day of treatment to the end, we’re here to offer judgment-free support and help you navigate any obstacles you may face. 

We take pride in our career restoration services, which help medical, legal, business, and other professionals just like you rebuild their professional lives as they heal. Integrating a focus on career recovery into our programming helps us prepare our clients to navigate both challenges successfully. It also helps clients engage with and feel motivated to participate, which leads to more beneficial treatment overall.

You’re never alone at Parkdale Center. We’ve worked with professionals from all walks of life, including, but not limited to:

  • Athletes, college and professional
  • Medical professionals, including nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physicians, and more. 
  • Business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs
  • Legal professionals, including attorneys, judges, and paralegals
  • Pilots
  • Union and tradespeople
  • First Responders, including police officers, EMTs, and firefighters

Our Professionals Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

How We Differ From Other Chicago Drug Rehab Centers

When you enter Parkdale Center, you join a group of like-minded peers who can genuinely relate to your experiences. Opportunities for connection, growth, and self-discovery are plentiful. We strive to offer high-quality and evidence-based care and create a community that uplifts and supports its members.

We’re here with you through each step of your recovery journey. Clients entering our Chicago addiction treatment can begin with our withdrawal management program to safely detox from substances under the supervision of medical professionals. From there, our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs (PHP, IOP) help clients receive individualized treatment.

No two people share the same needs or respond to the same recovery tactics. Our team utilizes techniques backed by years of research to meet each client where they’re at. A combination of individual and group therapy is often a great starting point. Other options, like psychoeducation and medication management or dual-diagnosis treatment, help us offer our clients a robust range of resources.


Confidential Callback

Personalized Care

What to Expect

Seeking drug rehab in Chicago at Parkdale Center is as easy as making a phone call. Reach out to our team with any questions or concerns and to confirm our facility is right for you. 

Our facility is located around one hour east of Chicago and can be reached via I-90 W or I-94 W. Public transportation from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is easily accessible. A number of airport shuttles and buses can help incoming clients navigate the city. Rideshares and taxis are another option. We also offer transportation assistance to and from Chicago airports for clients who need it.

Once it’s time to enter the facility, you’ll start out by going through our intake and acclimation process. After exploring the facility and getting plenty of time to learn the ropes, you’ll be prepared to delve into the bulk of your care. You can expect to meet with a Practitioner for a health assessment and our Nurse Care Manager to discuss your needs. 

Once your needs are established and you’re comfortable in our care, you can focus on the treatment steps outlined for you. Each client will have a different trajectory and treatment goals, so what happens next is unique to you. Still, you can expect to participate in group and individual activities designed to build valuable skills, process emotions, and create new, healthier lifestyle changes.

Help for Professionals

Who We Help

Parkdale focuses on treating professionals across the United States in highly accountable industries, who struggle with addiction. Parkdale utilizes innovative programs and solutions that meet those struggling with substance use disorder. Privacy and anonymity are of the utmost importance to the team at Parkdale.

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Parkdale Center is here to treat professionals living with addiction nationwide. We offer virtual telehealth treatment options to support clients who cannot visit us in person (or who simply prefer a telehealth approach). We’re proud to be able to fully integrate remote clients into our programming, from evaluations to group therapy and aftercare services.

We’re also here for those struggling with mental health concerns. Mental illnesses are often a contributing factor to addiction. Even when they’re not, cycles of addictive behavior can easily deteriorate a person’s mental health. Our dual-diagnosis treatment program provides support for both areas of need. We know that exploring the overlapping causes between these concerns is often a vital part of recovery.

Trust Parkdale Center for Drug Rehab in Chicago Designed for You

At Parkdale Center, we’re more than just a drug rehab in Chicago. We’re a supportive community of advocates and professionals focused on unlocking the tools that lead to lifelong recovery. Our dual-diagnosis, partial hospitalization, and outpatient care services are designed to meet your unique needs. We can help you rebuild parts of your career that need support, just like we can help you get to the heart of substance use behaviors. There’s no need to sacrifice the career that helps shape you into who you are. You can be your best, strongest self without the influence of substances. 

To learn more about Parkdale Center or get started, call us today at 888-402-9364. You can also drop us a line using our online contact form. Help is here, and it can be found at Parkland Center.

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