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The typical American workplace is well-known for its ability to subject you to significant, recurring stress. In some cases, this stress can ultimately contribute to your risks for serious mental health issues. It can also make you more likely to misuse addictive substances. What’s more, outside use of drugs or alcohol can also have a damaging impact on your job performance. 

To regain your sobriety and protect your professional standing, you need help. This help must not only support your efforts to cope effectively with addiction. In addition, it must help you maintain your career or repair any harm to your workplace reputation. You may need inpatient rehab to bring these goals within reach. However, statistically speaking, you’re much more likely to need outpatient recovery services. That’s good news since outpatient care provides greater flexibility and helps you keep up your job responsibilities. 

Looking for an outpatient drug rehab in Lafayette that supports the needs of business professionals? Call on the specialists at Parkdale Center in Chesterton. We’re dedicated to helping working professionals balance the requirements of rehab and a busy career. Whether you can travel for treatment or need remote telehealth options, you’ll find a customized plan that works for you.

Substance Abuse

Work, Stress and Substance Problems Among Today's Business Professionals

Out of every 110 working Americans, roughly 10 have serious problems with alcohol or drugs. About 25% of those affected use illegal drugs or misuse prescription medications. For the rest, the top issue is alcohol misuse. 

Your everyday workplace environment can have a significant impact on your exposure to drug or alcohol problems. How? Typically, the key factor is workplace stress. Together or separately, various work-related pressures can put you at risk, including:

  • Concerns about the security of your job
  • Workplace productivity or performance quotas
  • Lack of balance between your work life and home life
  • Recurring, difficult interactions with clients, co-workers or your boss
  • Changes in your responsibilities that require you to learn new skills

The same kinds of stresses can also make you more vulnerable to major mental health issues. 

Any job can potentially come with enough stress to expose you to substance or mental health problems. However, some professions come with heightened risks. Those professions include first responders and people who work in sales. They also include technicians, business managers and executives, and professional athletes.

You may also experience work-related difficulties if you develop a drug or alcohol addiction for other reasons. Regardless of their source, these difficulties can include:

  • Poor overall performance
  • Failure to meet important deadlines
  • Absenteeism

In a worst-case scenario, issues such as these may prevent your career advancement or even endanger your job.

 For more information on the work-related causes and consequences of substance problems, consult our helpful staff today.

Help for Professionals

Who We Help

Parkdale focuses on treating professionals across the United States in highly accountable industries, who struggle with addiction. Parkdale utilizes innovative programs and solutions that meet those struggling with substance use disorder. Privacy and anonymity are of the utmost importance to the team at Parkdale.

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Our Treatment Services

Withdrawal Management

We offer medically supervised withdrawal management to help you take the first step towards freedom.

Partial Hospitalization

Our partial hospitalization program offers you the benefits of inpatient treatment without the restrictions.

Intensive Outpatient

The intensive outpatient program at Parkdale Center was designed specifically for working professionals.
Individualized Care

Outpatient Drug Rehab in Lafayette as an Option for Your Recovery

No matter your profession, there’s a good chance that you’ll benefit from an outpatient rehab program. These programs don’t have the live-in requirements of residential or inpatient rehab. Still, when they’re appropriately used, they can provide successful support for drug and alcohol recovery. 

You may find outpatient treatment especially valuable if you’re a working business professional. That’s true because programs in this category tend to allow you to:

  • Get the help you need while enjoying a reduced time commitment
  • Take less time off from work 
  • Stay involved in the workplace 

Today, many employers actively support their employees who seek substance treatment. 

Parkdale Center operates on an outpatient basis. If you need drug rehab in Lafayette, you have two main program options:

  • Intensive outpatient care
  • Partial hospitalization

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) helps you recover from mild or mild-to-moderate addiction. How? By providing you with a weekly schedule of nine to 19 hours of treatment. You also receive convenient access to a range of additional services that help you make progress in rehab.

Partial hospitalization has some similar features. However, you attend more weekly treatment than you would while enrolled in our IOP. You also have access to more services, which is important since PHPs are designed to help people currently in unstable condition. 

Have more questions about our options for outpatient Lafayette addiction treatment? Talk to us today for the answers you need.

Our Professionals Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

Your Treatment Options at Our Lafayette Drug Rehab Center

While enrolled at our Lafayette addiction treatment center, you may need multiple forms of recovery support. Each case is different, and we use a thorough assessment process to match you with the options most likely to benefit you. Depending on your situation, those options may include:

  • Support for safe drug or alcohol withdrawal 
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Therapy combined with addiction medication 
  • Counseling that helps you prevent a substance relapse
  • Mindfulness meditation and other forms of stress management
  • Family therapy

In addition, all rehab participants have access to our career restoration program. This program supports your efforts to overcome any work-related consequences of your substance use. Such efforts are essential for a significant number of recovering professionals.  

Contact us today to learn how we help you pick suitable options for alcohol or drug rehab in Lafayette.


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Accessing Parkdale Center's Services From Lafayette, IN

Parkdale Center is located roughly 83 miles north of Lafayette in Chesterton, IN, at 350 Indian Boundary Rd. Lafayette-area residents have several options for accessing our outpatient services. If your schedule allows, you can make the hour-plus drive up I-65 N and I-94 E for each weekly treatment session. You can also use i-65 N and IN-49 N as an alternate route. 

Don’t want to make repeated trips for treatment? You can make a single trip to Chesterton and stay in one of our nearby sober living homes. On treatment days, you can travel from this substance-free environment to our facility for your scheduled sessions.  

Can’t leave the Lafayette area? You might be a good candidate for our telehealth program. Our telehealth addiction treatment program resembles in-person treatment in most respects. However, instead of traveling, you participate remotely over an Internet connection. 

For more information on your options for attending our Lafayette drug rehab center, consult us today.

Help for Professionals

Who We Help

Parkdale focuses on treating professionals across the United States in highly accountable industries, who struggle with addiction. Parkdale utilizes innovative programs and solutions that meet those struggling with substance use disorder. Privacy and anonymity are of the utmost importance to the team at Parkdale.

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Make Parkdale Center Your Choice for Outpatient Drug Rehab in Lafayette

Substance problems have the potential to derail your career. That’s true whether or not those problems are related to workplace stress. With help from a rehab program designed for working professionals, you can start the process of restoring your sobriety. You can also keep your career intact or take the steps needed to rebuild it. 

Parkdale Center is committed to supporting you as you pursue these essential goals. Whether you need an IOP or PHP, you’ll have the customized resources required for effective recovery. What’s more, you’ll have time to stay active at work or address any substance-related career setbacks. Contact us today to get started at our Indiana IOP.

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