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Why do we call it the Road to Recovery?

The road to recovery from addiction is not a short journey but a lifelong process.

According to Brightview (2021), the road to recovery is a phrase used in instances when one is trying to come back from an arduous experience. The word road implies a journey, movement and progress from one point to another when the realization occurs that the healing process requires time and commitment.

In the context of addiction, the road to recovery symbolizes a significant passage, emphasizing the triumphant and transformative nature of the journey. The road to sobriety is that journey and for many individuals, this life-changing journey begins at Parkdale Center for Professionals. 

Parkdale Center believes that social relationships are integral in this change process, which seeks to understand how social motivation and interactions affect the recovery process. Central to this approach, Parkdale Center firmly asserts that social connectedness is vital in guiding support programs. This foundational principle is captured in Parkdale Center’s annual Sobriety Survey.

Each year, Parkdale Center administers this survey, measuring the success of its community pathway by monitoring participants in PHP, IOP, and OP. The results below for 2022 and 2023 affirm the effectiveness of Parkdale Center’s approach, providing tangible evidence of its commitment to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery.

The three key factors reported in maintaining sober living were social and community support, and affiliation with 12-step organizations such as AA or NA. Parkdale Center recognizes that support groups provide many benefits to maintaining recovery.

Of those who completed the survey:

Parkdale Center Compared to National Sobriety Rates

While national statistics paint a bleak picture of relapse and struggle, Parkdale Center's approach to recovery stands out for its remarkable success rates. Behind these numbers lie stories of courage, resilience, and transformation.

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