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For professionals battling addiction, it’s common to also have co-occurring mental health disorders. The process of receiving treatment for both a substance use and psychiatric disorder can be complex when you have a demanding career. Choosing a treatment center that understands and specializes in treating unique needs is important.

Parkdale Center is more than just an executive rehab center. We are committed to holistic healing and recognize the intricate relationship between mental health, addiction, and professional life. At our mental health treatment center in Indiana, you aren’t just a patient. You’re a partner in a journey to reclaim control over your life. Parkdale Center is also a leading executive drug and alcohol rehab center.

Our Approach

What Is an Executive Treatment Center?

We specialize in Indiana mental health for professionals at Parkdale Center as part of our broader addiction treatment programs. In our drug rehab for executives and other professionals, we integrate dual diagnosis treatment.

An executive rehab center provides luxury, privacy, discretion, and personalized attention. The environment is conducive to healing but accommodates clients’ demanding schedules and high expectations.

Executive rehab centers recognize that the road to recovery for professionals will have unique challenges, including pressure to maintain professional obligations, reputation management and a fear of stigma. As such, we use a multidisciplinary approach to address the physical parts of addiction but also the underlying psychological and mental health factors contributing to it.

Our commitment to discretion is also a focal point that sets us apart from other Indiana mental health treatment centers. We prioritize confidentiality to ensure you receive treatment free from judgment.

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Find your path to individual freedom at Parkdale Center in Indiana.

What We Do

Our Treatment Services

Withdrawal Management

We offer medically supervised withdrawal management to help you take the first step towards freedom.

Partial Hospitalization

Our partial hospitalization program offers you the benefits of inpatient treatment without the restrictions.

Intensive Outpatient

The intensive outpatient program at Parkdale Center was designed specifically for working professionals.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Learn more about our dual-diagnosis treatment philosophy and how we treat co-occurring mental illness.

Career Restoration Program

At Parkdale Center we offer career restoration services for all clients in need of repair from substance abuse.

Telemedicine Services

For clients who need more flexibility when seeking treatment we offer telemedicine services.
Help for Professionals

Our Professional Treatment Options

At Parkdale Center, we offer a number of specialized treatment programs designed for working professionals who are struggling with drug & alcohol abuse. To learn more about our individualized treatment programs explore our “What is a Professional?” page.

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Understanding Dual Diagnosis Treatment

While we are a rehab center, we also provide mental health treatment. 

Addition and mental health are two things that tend to be closely related to one another, and often, disorders co-occur. Dual-diagnosis treatment acknowledges the relationship between addiction and mental illness.

In a dual-diagnosis treatment program, there’s a recognition that addiction isn’t usually a standalone issue. Instead, it’s a symptom of deeper underlying issues like anxiety, trauma or depression.

People who are dealing with co-occurring disorders may have started turning to substances to self-medicate as a means of alleviating the distressing psychiatric symptoms they were experiencing.

At the core of dual diagnosis treatment is integrated care. An integrated care approach is holistic, addressing both addiction and underlying mental disorders at the same time. This contrasts with traditional treatment models that often treat each condition in isolation. Dual-diagnosis treatment recognizes the interconnected nature of these disorders.

Elements of dual diagnosis treatment include:

  • A comprehensive assessment completed by mental health professionals to identify and diagnose any mental health disorders co-occurring with a substance use disorder.
  • Integrated treatment planning incorporating evidence-based therapies for addiction and mental illness.
  • Medication management for psychiatric symptoms as well as substance cravings.
  • Peer support participation.
  • Life skills training.  

By addressing addiction and underlying mental health concerns at the same time, you receive a comprehensive path to recovery. As one of the leading mental health treatment centers in Indiana, as well as one of the most respected drug rehabs in Indiana, our team takes a compassionate, collaborative approach to empower you to break free from a cycle of addiction and begin your lasting wellness journey.


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Our Programs

Types of Therapy We Offer

We tailor treatment approaches and plans to the needs of each client, and with that in mind, some of the therapies we offer include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: CBT is an often-used approach that focuses on the identification of negative thought patterns and behaviors so you can then challenge them. In dual diagnosis treatment, CBT can help you recognize the connection and relationships between your thoughts and feelings and substance use. Through CBT, you can learn coping skills that will help you manage cravings, triggers and co-occurring mental illness symptoms.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy: DBT combines elements of CBT with mindfulness practices to help you regulate emotions, improve relationships and develop skills for distress tolerance.
  • Motivational interviewing: MI takes a client-centered approach to help you raise your motivation and commitment to change. Your therapist in MI will use empathetic listening, reflective questioning, and collaborative goal setting. With MI, you work with your therapist to explore why you feel ambivalent toward your recovery and strengthen your intrinsic motivation. MI can also help you overcome barriers to change.

Individual therapy also has a major role at our mental health treatment centers in Indiana.

  • Individual therapy is a cornerstone of dual diagnosis treatment, providing you with a confidential and personalized space to explore challenges, experiences and goals that are unique to you.
  • During individual therapy, you are in a space that’s safe and non-judgmental so that you can explore issues like interpersonal conflict, co-occurring psychiatric disorders, unresolved trauma, and maladaptive coping mechanisms. 
  • You can gain insight into the root causes of your struggles, identify your patterns of thinking and behavior and gain a deeper understanding of how these factors intersect and influence substance use.  
  • Individual therapy is a place to learn coping skills and strategies like stress management and problem-solving strategies.
  • It can be a supportive and validating environment to express thoughts, concerns and feelings without fear of judgment. Building a therapeutic alliance based on mutual respect and trust can also help you improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.

At our drug and alcohol rehab for professionals, all of our therapy approaches are evidence-based but also firmly rooted in your personal needs because no two people are going to need the same treatment approach.

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What We Offer

Levels of Care

We offer different levels of care in our mental health treatment centers in Indiana.

These include:

  • Withdrawal management: A withdrawal management program is structured and medically supervised. During this time, you can safely go through withdrawal symptoms as you discontinue substance use. You receive support and monitoring to minimize symptoms and prevent complications.
  • Partial hospitalization: A PHP delivers comprehensive treatment for psychological and substance use disorders, but you can return home or to a supportive environment in the evenings. PHPs include group counseling, structured individual therapy, psychiatric services, medication management and other therapeutic interventions tailored to your needs. Participation in a PHP is well-suited for someone who requires intensive treatment but can maintain stability outside of treatment hours.
  •  Intensive outpatient: Intensive outpatient programs, also called IOPs, are comprehensive and structured for individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. You can maintain daily responsibilities, such as in your career, but you also receive treatment that includes individual and group therapy, relapse prevention, psychoeducation and other needed therapeutic interventions. Our IOP in Indiana is a good option if you need to maintain a sense of flexibility while receiving treatment.
  • Aftercare: This is the ongoing support and resources provided after you complete a formal treatment program. It might include services like sober living arrangements, alumni groups, relapse prevention planning, access to community-based support and continued therapy and counseling. The goal of aftercare is to help you navigate challenges post-treatment while maintaining your recovery and building on the skills you gained during your initial treatment.
  • Telehealth: We offer telehealth services in addition to in-person services. We can provide telemental health services no matter your location, giving you more flexibility in scheduling and fewer overall barriers to receiving treatment.

We help tailor our treatment plans and therapies to best suit your unique needs. If you have any questions about our mental health treatment levels of care, contact us today.

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If you’d like to learn more about the offerings available at our mental health treatment centers in Indiana or if you’d like to take the next step, we’re here to help, whether you’re looking for drug rehab for physicians, executives or other professionals. We prioritize quality care and discretion to help you achieve your treatment goals. 

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