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No matter your professional occupation, you can potentially develop problems with drugs or alcohol. In some cases, your occupation itself may be a contributing factor to these problems. You may also experience serious issues unrelated to your job or workplace responsibilities. In either case, you’ll want to seek help as quickly as possible for any substance-related conditions affecting you.

At the same time, your career likely means a lot to you. How can you maintain it while still getting the recovery support you need? For most professionals, the answer is an outpatient rehab program tailored to their needs. Our Indiana addiction treatment program allows you to meet your sobriety goals while still staying active in the workplace. That’s true even if you live some distance from your treatment provider’s facility. 

Do you need alcohol or drug rehab in Ann Arbor? Seek outpatient treatment today at Parkdale Center in Chesterton, Indiana. We specialize in helping working professionals maintain their careers while enrolled in rehab. We also specialize in helping you stay sober once you complete the rehab process. What’s more, you can use our telehealth and sober housing options to facilitate your out-of-state treatment.

Substance Abuse

Substance Problems in America’s Professional Workforce

Drug and alcohol problems are significant issues for working Americans. In fact, close to 9% of all employed people are affected by substance abuse and/or addiction. Alcohol-related problems predominate. However, about a quarter of all affected workers are dealing with drug-related issues. 

For some professionals, the workplace environment is not a factor in the onset of substance problems. But fully four out of five employed Americans are significantly impacted by workplace stressors such as:

  • Job performance pressures
  • Difficulty maintaining a healthy work/life balance
  • The need to adapt to changing job responsibilities
  • Job insecurity
  • Communication problems with co-workers, bosses and/or clients

Why does this matter? Job-related stress is known for its potential to increase your risks for substance abuse and addiction. It can also contribute to other serious mental health issues such as depression and anxiety disorders. And far too often, substance problems and other mental health conditions occur at the same time

Some professions are more affected by substance abuse/addiction than others. Those with the highest rates of affected personnel include:

  • Sales professionals
  • Managers and executives
  • Athletes
  • Technicians and support staff
  • First responders

Regardless of your job, you may find yourself in need of help for drug or alcohol problems. For some, those problems are severe. However, most people who require treatment have mild, moderate or moderate-to-severe symptoms. 

Want to know more about substance abuse/addiction in the workplace? Consult the knowledgeable staff at Parkdale Center today.

Help for Professionals

Who We Help

Parkdale focuses on treating professionals across the United States in highly accountable industries, who struggle with addiction. Parkdale utilizes innovative programs and solutions that meet those struggling with substance use disorder. Privacy and anonymity are of the utmost importance to the team at Parkdale.

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Withdrawal Management

We offer medically supervised withdrawal management to help you take the first step towards freedom.

Partial Hospitalization

Our partial hospitalization program offers you the benefits of inpatient treatment without the restrictions.

Intensive Outpatient

The intensive outpatient program at Parkdale Center was designed specifically for working professionals.
Individualized Care

Parkdale Center’s Outpatient Services for Drug Rehab near Ann Arbor

Several kinds of rehab programs can potentially help you recover from substance problems. Most of those programs take an outpatient approach. In other words, they provide the help you need while still making it possible for you to:

  • Keep living offsite while receiving treatment
  • Maintain at least some of your professional responsibilities
  • Take care of important personal obligations

At Parkdale Center, we feature two upper-tier options for outpatient Ann Arbor addiction treatment. The first of these options is an intensive outpatient program (IOP). In our IOP, you take part in anywhere from nine to 19 hours of weekly rehab treatments. You also get as-needed access to secondary services that support those treatments. 

The second option is a partial hospitalization program (PHP). Our PHP provides you with even more time for weekly rehab. It also provides a more comprehensive array of secondary support services. 

Our IOP and PHP are both designed to help people affected by moderate or moderate-to-severe addiction. So then, what distinguishes them? Participation in an IOP requires you to be in generally stable health. In contrast, PHP participants have not yet reached a fully stable state.

Talk to us today to find out more about the criteria for IOP and PHP participation.

Our Professionals Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

The Methods We Use for Ann Arbor Area Addiction Treatment

Recovery needs can vary widely for people affected by substance abuse/addiction. At our Ann Arbor addiction center, we address these needs with diverse recovery methods that include:

  • Detoxification and withdrawal management
  • Cognitive therapy 
  • Relapse prevention
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Family therapy
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Exercise therapy

We also offer career restoration services. These services help you maintain substance abstinence as you take steps to rebuild your professional standing. They can be crucial if substance-related issues have already seriously impacted your work life. 

From these options, we help you form a customized plan that focuses on your specific goals and needs during rehab. This allows us to provide you with truly comprehensive outpatient care. For more on how we help you choose your recovery options, talk to the specialists at Parkdale Center today.


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Personalized Care

How We Support Out-of-State Participants at Parkdale Center

At Parkdale Center, we know how important it is to access rehab services when you need them. With this in mind, we take special steps to accommodate people located in other cities and states. While attending outpatient treatment, you can stay in one of our sober living homes. These offsite residences provide you with a substance-free environment between your weekly treatment sessions. 

We also feature a robust telehealth program. This program allows you to receive the help you need via computer from any location. You’ll communicate regularly with your treatment team and go through the same process as those enrolled in person. 

Have more questions about sober housing and telehealth at our Ann Arbor drug rehab center? Get answers today from our professional support staff.

Parkdale Center is located at 350 Indian Boundary Rd. in Chesterton, IN, roughly 198 miles south/southwest of Ann Arbor. If you’re driving, travel times via I-94 W are typically the shortest. You may also choose to drive via I-80 W/I-90 W or via I-96 W. If you’re flying, you’ll find local airports located in:

  • Valparaiso, IN
  • Michigan City, IN 
  • Gary, IN
  • LaPorte, IN

Larger airports are a bit further away in Chicago and South Bend, IN. Need travel guidance or advice? Talk to us today for assistance.

Help for Professionals

Who We Help

Parkdale focuses on treating professionals across the United States in highly accountable industries, who struggle with addiction. Parkdale utilizes innovative programs and solutions that meet those struggling with substance use disorder. Privacy and anonymity are of the utmost importance to the team at Parkdale.

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Turn to Parkdale Center for Drug Rehab in Ann Arbor for Working Professionals

Like roughly one in every 11 working Americans, you or your loved one may need treatment for drug or alcohol problems. If at all possible, the support you receive should not only help you recover your sobriety. It should also help you maintain your professional standing as you progress in rehab. 

For drug rehab in Ann Arbor that supports these essential goals, turn to the experts at Parkdale Center. We specialize in high-level outpatient treatment designed specifically for working professionals. With the help of our Indiana IOP, you can meet your rehab needs while maintaining or rebuilding your busy career. For more information on our customized support for business professionals, just contact us today. We’re in your corner every step of the way.

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