Our Team

The Parkdale team is well diversified both personally and professionally. Fields of formal training include Family Medicine, Nursing, Addiction, Drug & Alcohol Counseling, Legal, Family Therapy, Psychiatry, Pharmaceuticals, Business, Anesthesia, and Emergency Medicine. Several team members also have a personal and intimate experience with chemical dependency or substance use. This has provided a firsthand perspective on legal issues, professional concerns, licensing and credentialing advocacy, addiction, treatment, and most importantly, successful recovery.

In the News

Leadership Team

Parkdale Center Chief Executive Officer

Rodrigo has been a direct care provider in the health care field for more than 20 years. He has experience in emergency management, intensive care, surgical services, and anesthesia. He is currently a member of the Indiana Office of the Attorney General task force; a delegate to the National Safety Council, and has held faculty positions at Evanston Northwestern School of Anesthesia, Ivy Technical Community College – Nursing Department, and Valparaiso University School of Nursing. Rodrigo has extensive experience in the field of addiction, treatment, management, advocacy, and recovery of the highly-accountable recovering professional. Rodrigo is sought out for his engaging and powerful speaking presentations geared towards bringing to light the "silent epidemic" of addiction. He has educated thousands of families, state employees, individuals, employers, and professional organizations on the addicted professional and how this person affects every aspect of society. As the Parkdale Executive Program director, he is responsible for providing residents with the most effective, comprehensive, and progressive treatment program possible. One such component is the unique Professional Reentry Program that begins on day one and is designed to facilitate future reentry into the resident's chosen profession. 

To contact Rodrigo, email rgarcia@parkdalecenter.com

Parkdale Center Chief Operating Officer

Claudia Garcia is currently the COO of Parkdale Center, a dual diagnosis addiction treatment center specializing in treatment of the impaired health care provider. Most recently, Claudia also assumed the role of executive director of the Indiana Professional’s Recovery Program and the West Virginia Restore Program. Claudia has more than sixteen years of direct patient care experience as well as managerial and recruitment experience. She has focused much of her career in research and development of programs, policies, and procedures to improve patient outcomes and maintain employer compliance. Claudia obtained her MBA degree, graduating with honors, with a focus on health care administration, specializing in the assistance of professionals in need. Claudia has firsthand knowledge of addiction and recovery through the eyes of a non-addicted loved one and family member. Her training as a certified addiction drug and alcohol counselor (CADAC II), Registered Nurse, and licensed addiction counselor (LAC) along with her very personal and intimate knowledge of the situational circumstances the family members often experience has helped forge one the most seamless, comprehensive, and resourceful family programs in the country.

To contact Claudia, email cgarcia@parkdalecenter.com

Parkdale Center Medical Director

David Cummins, MD, Diplomate American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Cummins is the Medical Director for Parkdale Center. He is board-certified in both Addiction Medicine and Emergency Medicine and has extensive experience in treating patients suffering from substance use disorders. Following best practice guidelines set forth by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and using the latest evidence-based treatment modalities, Dr. Cummins has helped develop the most comprehensive and seamless program for addicted professionals in the country. Using time-tested treatments and cutting edge alternative therapies, his program succeeds by focusing on prevention, treatment, long-term monitoring, advocacy, and reentry into the workplace. Dr. Cummins also works closely with multiple local, state, and federal agencies to ensure employee protection and client compliance. 

To contact Dr. Cummins, email drcummins@parkdalecenter.com

Parkdale Center Chief Financial Officer 

Scott graduated from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business (Bloomington) in 2001 with a B.S. degree in Finance and a Minor in Sociology of Business Organizations.  In 2007, he completed his MPA (Master’s in Professional Accountancy) from the Kelley School of Business (Indianapolis) and earned his CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

Scott spent the first ten years of his career in a variety of financial leadership roles, serving as the Assistant Controller for the Indiana State Budget Agency and a Senior Financial Analyst for Eli Lilly & Company in Indianapolis.  In 2010, Scott and a business partner purchased a small CPA firm. It was while working in this firm that he met Rigo, Claudia and David and helped them launch Parkdale in 2015.  In 2019, Scott sold hisCPA firm to his business partners to join Parkdale as full-time CFO.

As CFO, Scott is involved in leading many areas of Parkdale including the revenue cycle management, human resources, information technology, capital improvement and treasury management functions.  Scott’s most important and meaningful role, however, is speaking with every patient before they come to Parkdale to discuss their insurance and treatment costs to design a financial plan that will work for the patient.

Parkdale Center Chief Compliance Officer 

Dr. Jeffrey Coto has been a nurse since 1994. He completed his Masters’ Degree as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in 1997 from Purdue University, and in 2013 he completed his Doctoral Degree from Purdue University – West Lafayette. Dr. Coto was an Administrative Law Judge and member of the Indiana State Board of Nursing from 2015-2019 and was active in assuring safe nursing practice across the State of Indiana. Dr. Coto is a leader in academics and is a professor for several graduate and post-graduate university programs where he teaches Evidence-Based Practice and Research. He has over twenty peer-reviewed publications in the areas of patient care, addiction and pain management.

Dr. Coto has been with Parkdale since 2015 and led Parkdale Center through two CARF accreditations in 2016 and 2018. CARF is the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities – an international, non-profit organization that assures the highest standards are achieved in providing patient care within Rehabilitation Facilities.  In April 2022, Parkdale Center will be up for our third CARF accreditation, and Dr. Coto is working hard once again to ensure Parkdale Center meets all requirements for the CARF stamp of approval.

Clinical Team

Program Director

Jasmine Dixon has been working in the mental health and substance use fields for over 6 years. She received her Master’s degree from Capella University in 2018. She has experience working with pre-teen, adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations in both acute hospitalization and private practice settings. She has volunteered at nursing homes, hospitals, and churches. She enjoys spending time with her family and church family.

Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

Because we believe comprehensive treatment gives people the best chance for recovery, Dr. Christine Paquin is on staff to provide psychiatric evaluation, psychotropic medication management, and cognitive behavioral therapy.  Christine is a certified Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Valparaiso University and a Masters of Science degree from Rush University, Chicago Illinois. Working in the mental health field since 1988, she served as a Practitioner/Faculty with Rush University for most of a decade and has been an Associate Professor of Nursing at Valparaiso University since 2005. She believes in integrative mental health care and incorporates wellness principles into her treatment plans. She has expertise in insomnia and is passionate about healthy relationships, personal growth, and resilience. Dr. Paquin is a long-time member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Parkdale Center Nurse Practitioner 

Soon after partial hospitalization patients arrive at Parkdale, they meet with Dr. Kim Minich. Dr. Kim evaluates their medical history and performs a physical. She also orders, reviews, and evaluates any medical tests that may be necessary. Additionally, she provides medication management.

Dr. Kim has been in Addiction Medicine for 5 years. She is also a professor of Nursing in Pediatrics and Women’s Health at St. Mary’s College in South Bend, IN. She is mother to 5 children and 2 foster children. Kim and her large family also run a dairy farm that has been in their family since 1909. They enjoy showing their cows and horses at livestock competitions. 

Parkdale Center Nurse Case Worker  

David Estrada holds a Bachelor’s Degree in the Science of Nursing from Ball State University. As a Registered Nurse, he has many years of experience on various units in hospital settings. He started his career in the medical/surgical unit, became a charge nurse, and later worked in critical care and the ER.

At Parkdale Center, David is often the one to welcome new patients and begin the intake process. This involves an interview about patients’ substance use and an assessment for mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. If needed, he then coordinates with our Medical Director to order the appropriate treatments. 

As RN Case Manager, he works closely with most state monitoring programs and state boards to assist patients’ re-entry into their respective professions.  He works hard to make sure our patients have solid plans in place and are set up for success.  He believes discharge planning begins as soon as the patient walks in, and takes care to ensure each patient’s individual needs are addressed and met on a daily basis. 

David has been in recovery from substance use since 2016. He is recently engaged, has one son and another on the way! With his background, he has a level of empathy, compassion and understanding of what it’s like to take the first steps of a “new beginning”. He tries to ensure our patients have everything they need on admission—hope. 


Kaylie graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a Masters in Social Work. She is a Licensed Social Worker and has over 5 years’ experience working in the field of addictions. She has experience working with adolescents and adults in a variety of settings including outpatient, inpatient, residential, and partial hospitalization settings. She has gone through extensive training in treating trauma, including evidenced-based models like Post-Induction Therapy (PIT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). 

Program Lead 

Christian Gabrano is a Certified Addiction and Drug Abuse Consultant II. He has worked in addictions counseling for more than six years, specializing in 12 Step Recovery, Smart Recovery, Psychoeducation, Family Support, and Interventions. Christian has been in recovery himself for over eight years. Early in his treatment, he worked as Associate Director of his sober living house. Since then, he has served on the Porter County Substance Abuse Council and with SAFE for Lake County in Northwest Indiana. He has also delivered drug prevention talks to school-aged children throughout Porter County. He and his family live in Valparaiso, IN.


Alice has been a counselor/therapist for over 40 years working with both hearing and deaf people to assist them in their journey for greater mental health or stable recovery from addiction.  Working in Northwest Indiana all of her professional life has allowed her to learn so much from each person she worked with. She is also a member of the National Association of Addiction Professionals and its Indiana affiliate. She has received recognition from several Indiana governors (Bowen and Orr) and with letters of commendation also from President Ronald Reagan for her work in the disability community in the state of Indiana. She was a member and/or chair of the Indiana Rehabilitation Commission for 7 years and long ago was a rehabilitation counselor for the deaf. Unable to find treatment centers able (many were willing) to treat her deaf clients, she ended up learning about addiction to assist deaf community members in finding recovery. She was President of the Indiana Chapter of Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf as well as the Indiana Deafness and Rehabilitation Association to further acceptance of Deaf people in the community. She was a member and the chair of the Valparaiso’s Mayor’s Advisory Council for People with Disabilities for 3 years. She has been a process group therapist for over 35 years and has enjoyed assisting people in their journey of recovery. A consultant to several local library systems regarding disability needs, she continues to work toward the full participation of people with disabilities and in recovery in their own community. She has taught classes at Indiana University Northwest, Purdue Northwest and taught sign language classes in various cities in Northwest Indiana. She continues to work her own recovery program as an adult child of an alcoholic and has done much trauma work for herself and others. She has chosen to give back to the community by becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in Porter County.   


Allie is an associate level licensed mental health counselor (LMHC-A) and graduate from Valparaiso University's Master’s of Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. Over the past 5 years, she has worked in a variety of settings and has found purpose and passion through helping clients work through their life experiences in order to gain insight into living a more fulfilling and intentional life. 

While interning with Parkdale Center, she came to fall in love with the field of addiction. She continues to make an effort to spread awareness on addiction, hoping to normalize the struggles that one endures while on their path to recovery. She says, "It is such a heart-warming experience to witness and support the growth in others, helping people become their best self and redefining their path in life just when they thought there was no hope left. Substance use is the band-aid, but I want to hear about and guide you through treating the bullet hole."

With previous training in behavioral therapy, trauma, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, Allie will be providing individual counseling to children, adolescents, and adults or families presenting with anxiety, depression, substance use, behavioral challenges, and life adjustments or transitions. She will also assist with the intake process for our PHP patients.


Tye Dominguez has a Master of Science degree in Clinical Counseling with a specialization in Addictions Counseling from Indiana University Northwest. He has furthered his training by attending Adler University to complete his Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He specializes in addiction, anxiety, depression, and systems, working specifically with teens, adults, and aging individuals.

Tye’s clinical background and training includes working with adults and adolescents in a variety of settings, including an alternative day treatment program for at-risk youth, a residential psychiatric facility, individual outpatient counseling, and group work. Tye has also worked with incarcerated adults who are struggling with a substance use disorder. Tye utilizes a mixture of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Choice Theory, and Family-Systems Theory to ensure clients are provided holistic treatment to achieve realistic and reasonable goals.

Parkdale Center Psychologist

Stan Lelek, Psy.D., CADAC, NCACII, is a licensed clinical psychologist with both state and national certifications, contributions, and recognitions. Dr. Lelek is a previous ICCADA board, testing committee, and ethics committee member as well as the case presentation chairman. Dr. Lelek has previously held faculty positions in the Department of Psychology at Ivy Technical State College and Purdue University, North Central. He has provided services for multiple community mental health centers and continues to collaboratively work with a large number of local, state, and national groups to provide resources to those struggling with substance use disorder. Dr. Lelek’s specialties include chemical dependency, substance abuse, trauma, and dissociation with a special interest in the addicted professional. By adhering to industry standards, utilizing cognitive testing parameters, and assisting in the development of individualized and progressive care plans, Dr. Lelek is an invaluable addition to the Parkdale team.

Parkdale Center Recovery Specialist

Kathryn is a Portage, Indiana native with front-line experience with addiction and treatment. She began her career in law enforcement and trained in psychology and forensic psychology. While she happily works with all of Parkdale Center’s patients, she is pursuing a specialty in work with first responders battling PTSD, trauma, mood disorders, and substance use disorders.

Wellness Team

Parkdale Center Mindfulness Counselor

Jason has worked in the mental health and addiction fields for over 25 years.  He has worked with multiple populations in multiple settings including adolescents, adult individuals, families, and groups in community counseling, private practice, and corrections. Jason has studied and practiced mindfulness meditation for the past 20 years and uses these skills to augment evidence-based modalities such as Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and more. Jason teaches Parkadale patients mindfulness and meditation. 

In-House Support Team

Parkdale Center Recovery Specialist 

Michael Goodman, Overnight Recovery Specialist, has been a Northwest Indiana resident his entire life. He is retired from his career as a professional firefighter and EMT with The City of Gary Fire Department. Previously, he also worked as a firefighter/medic with Merrillville Fire Department. After retirement, Mike taught with Safety Training Services, including Hazardous Materials, Confined Space Rescue, Rope Rescue, & OSHA Classes.

Mike comes to us with nearly 5 years of sobriety. He suffered and overcame severe alcoholism, depression, PTSD, and suicidal ideations. His journey in sobriety began with AA meetings 7 days a week for his first 2 years. His time in AA has taught him Spiritual Recovery. He is active in his home club, chairing some meetings, doing service work, serving as a Board Member and as a speaker. He enjoys being able to share directly with our patient groups and learn more directly from Parkdale. He says, “I have nowhere to go but up and plan on getting certified in different roles of recovery services. I am a very inspirational and spiritual person who enjoys sharing openly the miracles of recovery. I coined my own phrase: ‘Soar In Spirituality and Drown In Gratitude.’ That became my goal for living my personal life and trying to share every aspect of my story, hoping to be a Beacon of My Higher Power, as I choose to call God, and inspire others to continue in their recovery, as it is nothing short of a Miraculous Blessing.”


Financial Team

Parkdale Center Billing Director

As with any medical treatment, dealing with insurance companies and organizing payments can be stressful and intimidating, but Janelle is committed to making the Parkdale Center billing process as smooth and painless as possible. She goes to bat for our patients every day. Her work includes assisting patients with their financial options, working with insurance companies, managing our billing support staff, financial processing, and preparing reports for our CFO and CARF – our accrediting agency. Janelle has worked in medical billing and office management for over 20 years. She brings a commitment to our patients’ needs to every facet of her work.

Parkdale Center Billing Specialist

Melissa Fulk joins the Parkdale Center billing team from a long career in medical office management and billing. Her experience also includes managing medical records and transcription. She has worked in a variety of healthcare settings, from small private practices to hospitals. She finds her work with billing to be truly satisfying and compares it to solving a puzzle. She stresses that she sees herself as a “patient advocate,” and works to get her patients the best care and insurance coverage she can, “that way, they can work on getting better with a more pleasant journey.”  

Operations Team

Parkdale Center Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant to Parkdale’s leadership team, LaShania keeps Parkdale running smoothly. She holds an Associate of Science Degree in Surgical Technology and spent several years in the medical field before joining the Parkdale team in 2016. LaShania has watched loved ones struggle with addiction, and so understands the challenges our patients and their loved ones face. LaShania manages Parkdale’s HR, employee and patient schedules, contractors and interns, payroll, accounting tasks, ordering supplies, and assisting with CARF compliance.

Parkdale Center Communications Director

Darlene has worked in the communications field for over 20 years. She trained as a professional writer and progressive educator. She began her career as a high school English teacher, and ultimately joined the Composition faculty at Purdue University Northwest in 2001. She left the education field in 2012 to open a boutique marketing firm. She is a marketing generalist but has particular expertise in digital marketing. Darlene also has over 20 years experience as a freelance writer. Her work has been published in newspapers, magazines, academic journals, guest blogs, and more.

Darlene joins Parkdale ready to help share the Parkdale story. Having lost a loved one to substance use disorder, she seeks to reassure patients and their loved ones suffering under the yoke of substance use disorder: there is help.

Parkdale Center Healthcare Professionals Advocate

Julie provides advocacy and resources for Parkdale’s healthcare professional patients and alumni.  She facilitates the AANA Helpline response to bring resources and help for certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and student nurse anesthetists (SNRAs) battling substance use disorders. Julie joined Parkdale to contribute toward saving lives and the careers of so many gained through 16 years with the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA) where she managed the Peer Assistance and Health & Wellness programs.  Julie also assists with Parkdale’s Family Program, responds to inquiries, and coordinates compliance monitoring for intensive outpatient program’s participants.

Parkdale Center Outpatient Services Manager

April is a Certified Medical Assistant. She's been in the medical field for 24 years, providing billing and clinical services. She is also Safe Sport Certified through USA Swimming.

Property Team

Parkdale Center Property Manager

John is single-handedly responsible for the ongoing upkeep of Parkdale Center and its grounds – no small task in a historic building like Parkdale Center. He makes or oversees any necessary repairs or landscaping, which, as Parkdale Center embarks on a variety of renovations, requires a good deal of management. John also serves another role at Parkdale Center which isn’t part of his of his job description at all. Patients quickly realize that John is a caring, willing listener with a big heart and ready sense of humor. Beyond our patients’ therapeutic programming, John says he can connect with them “outside their bubble.” He’s a calm, steady presence at Parkdale, and truly enjoys getting to know the patients. He says he “really enjoys seeing the patients succeed and become the beautiful people they’re meant to be.”

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