The Most Common Barriers to Addiction Treatment

If you struggle with substance abuse, you may feel like you’re alone. While there are countless numbers of drug rehabs that offer effective treatment to help you overcome addiction, you may feel reluctant to reach out and get help. If you feel apprehensive about seeking treatment, chances are high it is not due a simple refusal to seek help. More than likely, it is due to perceived and often self-made obstacles that prevent you from entering treatment.
This blog focuses on the common barriers to addiction treatment and the ways you can overcome those barriers. On the road to recovery, the first and more important step is to seek professional treatment from a reputable drug rehab facility. Parkdale Center has helped countless people from all walks of life achieve lasting recovery. Our outpatient drug rehab in Indiana features evidence-based programs specifically designed for the working professional.

With multiple levels of care, expert treatment, and an innovative holistic approach, you will receive the tools and support you need to beat back addiction once and for all. Call us today and begin your journey of healing.

The Most Common Barriers To Addiction Treatment

The journey toward long-term recovery is never a straight route. In that journey, you will encounter obstacles at every turn. In order to minimize the chance of relapse, you need to be aware of the common barriers of addiction treatment and find ways to successfully navigate those barriers. The following are the most common barriers to addiction treatment and how you can avoid them and have a healthy and happy recovery:


Many individuals struggling with addiction are in denial of their addiction and may find themselves being the last ones to realize there is a problem. You may have been approached by family, friends, co-workers, and others about your substance abuse. Like many others, you may simply deny having a problem and rationalize your substance use or may feel that you can quit on your own. The way to smash through that barrier is to step back and take a look at how addiction has affected your health, finances, work, and relationships with others. Once you really take a look at the total picture, you can finally accept that you need professional help.


Another common barrier to addiction treatment is the stigma attached to drug and alcohol addiction

Like many individuals struggling with addiction, you may feel that asking for help is weak or that you are beyond help. You also feel that others may cast you aside and carry the stereotype that you are broken. The reality is that addiction is a treatable condition and not a moral or spiritual failing. There are countless numbers of individuals who got the help they needed and have lived healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Financial Limitations

If you have started your search for a drug treatment program, you have no doubt seen that programs can be expensive. Fortunately, many if not all rehabs accept most forms of insurance and offer alternative forms of payment for services. Many drug rehabs will not turn clients away due to an inability to pay.

Dual Diagnosis

Many people who have a substance abuse problem also have an underlying mental health issue. It is estimated that 50 percent of people who have a substance use disorder at some point in their lives will also have a mental health disorder. If you have an undiagnosed mental illness that is not detected and enter a drug treatment program, you will not receive the comprehensive care that you need. Without treatment for your mental health disorder, you may face difficulties in your recovery for your substance use disorder. There are an increasing number of treatment facilities that feature dual diagnosis programs that feature the psychiatric and addiction help needed to fully address both issues at the root.

Lack of Access To Treatment

There may be instances where you are seeking treatment, but you may live in an area where options are limited.There may also be cases where there may be no treatment options at all. In these situations, sober living facilities are extremely beneficial. These facilities provide a safe place away from the temptations of your home environment, and staff can arrange for you to get transportation to get counseling, therapy, medication management, and other services.

Your First Step Toward Lifelong Recovery Begins With One Phone Call

Finding a drug rehab that fits your specific needs can be a daunting task. With so many options available to you, you may feel overwhelmed. If you are a working professional in need of evidence-based drug treatment, Parkdale Center is your number one choice. Our Indiana addiction treatment center employs a holistic approach to treatment that restores you in mind, body, and spirit. In addition to therapy, family programs, and 12-step approaches, we also offer a career restoration program that can help you successfully re-enter the workforce.

Call Parkdale Center right now and start your recovery journey on solid ground. 

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