Mo Vear

Community Outreach Director

Mo Vear

Currently serving as Parkdale’s Community Outreach Director, Mo spearheads the development and execution of its comprehensive outreach programs. Her strategic advocacy efforts foster collaborative relationships with various stakeholders, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, treatment centers, and educational institutions. Committed to amplifying Parkdale’s mission, Mo also oversees the organization’s dynamic social media presence, collaborating closely with its marketing agency to maintain a cohesive and resonant brand message. 

Mo, who has a passion for holistic healing and creative expression, has cultivated a diverse skill set. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing and a minor in music from Notre Dame of Maryland University, and a Master of Arts in Writing from DePaul University. Drawing from her 25+ year journey in recovery, she brings a unique perspective and empathy to her work. Mo is also certified in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and an ICAADA Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coach (CAPRCII) with extensive experience as a dedicated Case Manager specializing in co-occurring disorders.  

Her multifaceted approach to wellness extends into her personal life, curating a blog that finds humor in life’s absurdities, hosting a podcast that highlights tales of courage, and performing live at The Moth StorySLAM in Chicago. Additionally, she is the visionary behind the transformative workshop Everyone Has a Story, previously offered at Parkdale, emphasizing the therapeutic power of writing from the heart.  

Her overarching aim is to ensure each patient’s journey intersects seamlessly with a high-quality, customized continuum of care. By staying attuned to Parkdale’s core mission, vision, and values, Mo remains deeply devoted to meeting individuals where they are, assisting them with ongoing support long after they leave Parkdale, and nurturing a sense of unity and understanding within the recovery community.

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