Telehealth Programs

Parkdale is committed to treating professionals struggling with addictions and mental health all across the country, which is why we rely heavily on our technology to treat as many people as possible from the comfort and privacy of their homes. Through the use of privacy-compliant, cutting-edge technologies, we have increased access to our remote telehealth programs for those seeking addiction treatment. Parkdale is able to remotely provide fully integrated and facilitated evaluations, therapeutic groups, aftercare, and peer-support treatment programs. As with our in-center programs, our remote access programs are completely confidential and adhere to all federal privacy and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

At Parkdale, we understand how difficult it can be to put your treatment and recovery first during these challenging times, but we also know how crucial it is to prioritize your recovery program. Getting help and taking the first steps in your recovery takes courage, and we never want you to walk alone. 

Near or far, we are here for you. 

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The Parkdale Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), is an intensive, full-time program that includes access to all of Parkdale’s treatment services. Full-time programming also incorporates group therapeutic systems and life skills training. Professionals reside together with other highly accountable professionals in Parkdale’s beautiful, serene, and historic facility. By following all CDC and WHO recommendations, the PHP program is permitted to accept new patients as we are classified as an “essential provider”. For anyone who chooses to not participate in the PHP at this time, the remote access Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) may be an option (see below). As with our in-center programs, our remote access programs are completely confidential and adhere to all federal privacy and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The Parkdale Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is often recommended by our clinical team for individuals that have met specific treatment goals and individuals whose situation does not necessarily require partial hospitalization. IOP is often the “next step” after the PHP and is designed to build on the skills and education learned in initial programming. IOP is designed to ensure that an individual establishes and maintains new and healthy habits. All remote groups are facilitated by a licensed mental health and addiction clinician and can be accessed virtually. IOP consists of group sessions, self-reflection check-ins, and open sharing - allowing for the development of individual recovery goals in a supportive environment. Sessions work through materials from the IOP curriculum that regularly identify and reinforce daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term recovery goals, from a distance.

Aftercare and Support Groups

The Parkdale Aftercare Program is a facilitated group that meets once a week. This program is designed to support those in recovery as they continue their journey of recovery after the initial treatment phase. In addition to the Aftercare group, Parkdale is proud to support and host various no cost peer groups such as the Nursing Support GroupsCaduceus Group for advanced health care providers, and various 12-Step Recovery Groups. All programs are easily accessible remotely through computers or phones and in the privacy of your own home. For more information on access to these programs and more, please contact us today. 


Our hearts go out to every individual who is struggling with addiction or mental health. Regardless of whether you are in close proximity or not, we never want to leave an individual feeling alone during the beautiful life-changing journey of recovery.  
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