As an employer, you may be required to report an employee who you suspect or know has a problem with substance use disorder. If you question whether or not your employee may be addicted, using, diverting, or practicing impaired, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with these possible indicators of an impaired provider.

This list is not meant to diagnose but may serve as preliminary warning signs that there is a problem with substance use disorder or an impaired provider.
  • Sudden change in attitude, mood, or personality
  • Change in work habit; late to work, unprepared, hurried
  • Coming in early, staying late
  • Change in medication use
  • Weight loss/gain/changes
  • Increased isolations
  • Pupillary changes (constriction or dilations)
  • Physical illness such as nausea, vomiting, diaphoresis or anxiety (possible signs of withdrawal)
It's not just about saving their career; it's about saving their life.

Next Steps

A careful plan of action needs to be constructed to avoid a negative reaction and allow you to keep your thoughts on track as you and your team communicate with the individual. Parkdale can supply additional resources for you and your company or assist in planning an intervention. 

Not only are you providing your employee with the chance to live their best life, but you are also keeping the public and your institution safe.

Once the employee meets criteria and demonstrates program compliance, we will assist you and the employee in the implementation of a professional re-entry plan. This plan will help ensure the provider remains compliant with the program while practicing in your profession safely.
Preventing Impairment at Work

The best way to approach the potential for drug use in the workplace is to be proactive. Do not wait for it to become a problem before addressing it in your company.

  • Establish Clear Substance Use Policies
  • Host Workshops Regarding Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Risks and Resources
  • Require Drug Screenings
  • Provide Resources 

Substance use in the workplace is not something that can be addressed overnight. By presenting your employees with the resources available to them and providing education about substance use disorders, you can prevent it from impacting your employee's life and encourage recovery.

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