Goodbye Hello

Goodbye to my former life

Goodbye to untruthfulness to myself and others

Goodbye to sorrow

Goodbye to self-imposed drudgery

Goodbye to ill-health

Goodbye to time misspent

Goodbye to mistrust

Goodbye deceit

Goodbye to insecurity

Goodbye to self-pity

Goodbye to doubt

Goodbye to isolation

Goodbye to fear

Goodbye to hopelessness

Goodbye to spiritual bankruptcy

Truly I will not miss you-good riddance

Hello to my New Life Hello to Honesty Hello to Truth

Hello to Gratitude Hello to Joy

Hello to Wellness

Hello to the Future

Hello to Emotional Security

Hello to Self Confidence

Hello to New-Found Friends

Hello to Trust

Hello to Courage

Hello to Hope

Hello to Surrender

Hello to Spiritual Fulfillment

And So, By the Grace of God It Begins!!

Author: M.S.
Tuesday, 01 December 2020 14:09