How to Choose a Treatment Center

Conduct a quick internet search for a substance use treatment center, and you’ll instantly see that there are thousands of options. That can be overwhelming and not particularly helpful for those seeking treatment. We understand how difficult it can be to find quality, affordable, and effective care, so we have broken down a few important questions to consider as you begin your search.

Is this an accredited facility?

An important factor to consider when selecting a facility is whether or not it is accredited. An accredited facility is designated as a program that has met or exceeded national standards of addiction treatment, best practice standards, and patient care. In an accredited facility, the program and staff have demonstrated superior knowledge in areas such as treatment, patient advocacy, safety, leadership, stewardship, documentation, and best practice standards. In other words, an accredited facility has been vetted by a nationally recognized, objective, and impartial organization and awarded their seal of approval.

In 2019, Parkdale Center was once again awarded the highest designation, a three-year accreditation from CARF. CARF was “founded in 1966 as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services.” Because Parkdale Center takes its CARF accreditation very seriously, you can trust that you will receive the highest standard of care available in the rehabilitation field.

Is this a dual diagnosis facility?

Dual Diagnosis treatment is important for the majority of people struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). Many addiction patients are also struggling with mental health conditions like trauma, PTSD, mood disorders like depression and anxiety, insomnia, or other mental health challenges. Often, these conditions haven’t even been diagnosed yet.

Dual Diagnosis treatment addresses not only SUD but also these accompanying mental health issues. Treating these diagnoses together is crucial to successful recovery from the SUD and the stabilization of the mental health conditions. It is imperative that the treatment center you choose is well-trained, staffed, experienced, and equipped to address these co-existing mental health dual diagnoses. Parkdale Center is a fully functioning dual diagnosis treatment center.

Is this facility experienced in treating professionals? Who will be my peer group?

One factor that is often overlooked when choosing a treatment program is your recovery peer group. It is vital to consider your partners in recovery. Your cohort will spend a great deal of time together both in and outside of daily treatment. These fellow patients will become your first support system on the road to recovery.

Parkdale Center is a targeted program designed for “Professionals.” The patients in our programs are typically well-educated, career-driven people with significant responsibilities, and stressors at work. They are often credentialed with advanced training, licenses, and certifications. The stressors and challenges that go along with many high-pressure occupations often present additional challenges to recovery and reentry into the workforce. Many Parkdale Center patients are also facing career repercussions due to their substance use – loss of jobs, licenses, and even legal ramifications.

Parkdale’s professionals’ program considers all these variables and offers the best treatment and continuing support for people in these situations. Our patients are often health care professionals, lawyers, business professionals, first responders, teachers, supervisors, industry laborers, and others in similar careers. Because of this, not only do our professional patients receive Parkdale Center’s support, but they will also be in treatment alongside others with similar professional backgrounds. This helps our patients feel more comfortable and more likely to connect with their peers. If you are not sure whether a “professionals” program is right for you, please give us a call. We can evaluate your individual situation and put you on the best path for your recovery.

Is the clinical team licensed to provide addiction services? What is their experience?

When selecting a substance use recovery facility, you’ll want to be sure that its staff is well-credentialed, licensed, experienced, and well-trained in addiction treatment. A licensure endorsement indicates formal education followed by a state examination which will then license the clinician to provide services.

Parkdale Center is pleased to have an amazing clinical staff, most with advanced degrees in their field of specialty and state licensure. At Parkdale, our physicians, doctorate-level clinicians, mental health specialists, advanced practice nurses, nurses, counselors, and peer support team are all educated and trained in the diagnosis and treatment of substance use disorder and/or mental health conditions. In addition, the clinical team is well-versed in the management of the professional and occupational considerations that Parkdale Center patients face. Members of our clinical team have decades of experience in their fields. (Additionally, several members of our staff are in sustained recovery themselves, which gives them a unique perspective into the treatment of addiction.)

Where is the facility located?

Naturally, many will begin their search for an addiction treatment center near their homes. While this option may be preferred in terms of proximity to family, there is also a school of thought that supports getting some distance from “everyday life.” Choosing a treatment facility purely based on geographical location isn’t always the best answer.

While the challenges of being far from home are significant, taking yourself outside of your “comfort zone” is often a good idea as you begin your recovery journey. Distancing yourself from the triggers which may have contributed to your substance use in the first place can help you concentrate fully on your recovery.

If you do choose a center at some distance from your home, that does not mean your family cannot be involved in your treatment. If you choose to include your family in your treatment plan, Parkdale Center has developed programs, especially for your families, friends, and support systems. With in-person and online options, Parkdale is committed to providing the support team with the resources they will need to be most helpful as the family unit moves towards a place of healing.

Consider, also, the environment of the treatment center you choose. Maybe you will be more comfortable in an urban setting. Or perhaps you’d like a quiet facility where you can rest peacefully and take in some nature. Perhaps a combination of both? Parkdale Center is set in a beautiful historic building on a private wooded parcel on beautiful Lake Palomara. We are also just minutes from the Indiana Dunes National Park and Lake Michigan, 45 minutes West of South Bend, Indiana, and less than an hour East of downtown Chicago. At Parkdale, you’ll enjoy plenty of peaceful, scenic beauty with the convenience of a nearby major city.

How much does treatment cost?

Cost can be a significant factor in selecting a treatment center. Like many things, however, the lowest cost option is not always the right answer. Given the importance of a recovery program to the rest of your life, it’s best to choose an accredited program with a strong track record of success, completely qualified and trained staff, and plenty of options for continued support as you progress in your recovery journey. The dedicated financial team at Parkdale will work with you, your family, your insurance, and your individual situation to reach a plan that will cover the cost of treatment. Call us today to learn more.

Parkdale Center is committed to providing the most professional and supportive treatment plan for our patients. Our unique environment treats not only SUD recovery but also long-term support for the co-existing challenges of addicted professionals. Please give us a call anytime to discuss our programs, and we can help you make the best decision for your individual recovery needs. 888-883-8433.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020 11:10