Why Join an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Making the decision to get help for your substance use disorder takes bravery and can be life-changing. Following that decision with detox, residential, or partial hospitalization treatment is a crucial next step toward achieving a sober life. But what happens after that? The transition back into “real life” is a perilous time for those in recovery. Many will be returning to situations that triggered their substance use in the first place.

Continued support following an inpatient program is critical to sustained recovery. That’s where an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) comes in. After being stabilized in a residential or partial hospitalization program, patients in IOP begin the real work of building and enacting a strong recovery plan that reinforces their recovery in their home environment, with all the stresses and temptations that come with it.

IOP is designed to support people in recovery as they develop the healthy coping and communication skills they’ll need to sustain recovery. In IOP, recovering addicts join a group of their peers who are also in early recovery. The program itself is led by a licensed counselor who facilitates discussions of the challenges of early recovery—personal, professional, and social. By talking through your experiences and obstacles, you receive vital advice and support from your peers and professional guidance from the counselor. Many in recovery report feeling “alone” in their journey after inpatient treatment, but IOP provides connections with others navigating the same new paths. Participants develop good recovery habits with reinforcement from peers and the guidance of an experienced recovery counselor.

Attending IOP several times per week helps hold recovering patients accountable to their own goals over time. IOP is a place to identify what changes are needed in your relationships and lifestyle while receiving feedback on how to make and sustain those changes. Because the IOP schedule is somewhat flexible and, with telehealth options, allows participants to join from anywhere, you can be fully supported in your recovery while working on building a healthy work/life balance.

Parkdale offers day, evening, and telehealth options for IOP. Prior treatment at Parkdale Center is not required. Call us toll-free for more information 888-883-8433.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 11:49