Top Common Fears in Recovery

Top Common Fears in Recovery

When you first start on the road to recovery, you may feel a tremendous amount of excitement. For the first time in what might be a long time, you could be pushing your addiction aside and reclaiming your health and your life. While you may be excited, you might also have a strong sense of fear in recovery. Even though it’s what’s best for your physical and mental health, you might afraid of the unknowns:

What if no one likes me as a sober person?

Will I become a boring person that no one wants to hang out with?

Can I still have fun without drugs and alcohol?

What happens if I don’t like treatment?

What if I relapse? 

Experiencing fear in recovery can be paralyzing, but thankfully it can be overcome. This blog will focus on the top fears you will experience in recovery and how you can move past them. Are you or a loved one needing help for your addiction, but are afraid of recovery itself? Parkdale Center has established itself as a top drug rehab in Indiana

Our Indiana addiction treatment programs are designed for the specific needs of the working professional. Our evidence-based approach to treatment is personalized to meet your needs and treatment goals. Call Parkdale Center today and embrace the new you.

Why Do You Have Fear In Recovery?

If recovery is a positive experience that will transform your life, why do you fear it so much? The simple answer is that the recovery process is full of unknowns. Your path toward recovery is different from everyone else’s, and there will be many obstacles to overcome. It may seem strange to think, but you may have fear in recovery because you are comfortable with being miserable in addiction even if your life is falling apart at the seams.

As with any major change in life, the fear of not knowing what to expect is normal. The simple fact is that you can only control what is happening at the present moment–and that is exactly what recovery teaches you. In the next section, you will learn the most common fears in recovery and how to overcome those fears and come out the other side.

What Are The Most Common Fears In Recovery And How Can You Conquer Them?

The list of fears in recovery you have may be different from others. As it has already been said, your journey in addiction and recovery is unique. However, there are common fears in recovery that are felt by many recovering individuals to a certain degree. The following are the most common recovery fears:

Fear Of Detox And Withdrawal

In the beginning of recovery, you may have a healthy fear of detoxification. During the detox process, you slowly rid your body of the toxins associated with your substance use. An unfortunate byproduct of that process is pain, discomfort, and sickness. While detox can be unpleasant, the pain and discomfort is greatly diminished when you undergo a drug detox program. Experienced medical personnel will be with you around the clock and administer FDA-approved medications and employ other interventions that make the process much easier to tolerate. 

Fear Of Relapse

Another major fear in recovery is the lingering question of what would happen if you relapse. While relapse is unfortunate, it is seen as a normal part of the recovery process. In fact, 40 to 60 percent of those who have received treatment for substance abuse relapse at some point in their lives. While you want to get it right on the first try, there are many people with lengthy recovery times who have relapsed during their journey. Realize that relapse doesn’t mean that you can never recover.

Fear Of Losing Your Identity

What happens when you get sober–who do you become? You may fear that you become a boring person no one wants to be around. While it may be true that you won’t be the person you used to be, you will turn out to be a much happier person–and that happiness will attract the right people.

Fear Of Handling Stress

When you quit using substances, how will you handle the stresses of everyday life? In recovery, you will acquire healthy coping skills that will allow you to handle your daily stress in a positive manner. 

Parkdale Center Will Help You Become Confident In Recovery

The truth is that recovery can be filled with uncertainty. However, with the professional help and support that you find through treatment at Parkdale Center, that fear will turn into confidence. Parkdale Center features evidence-based treatment programs that are effective and are personalized to meet your specific needs. The compassionate staff at our Indiana drug and alcohol rehab for professionals are committed to helping you overcome addiction and finding the peace and serenity that comes with recovery.

Call Parkdale Center toll-free today and step boldly into a life of recovery.

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