The Benefits of Family Involvement in Recovery

The Benefits of Family Involvement in Recovery

When a loved one enters treatment, the main focus is helping the addict address and overcome their substance abuse issues. While getting the addict on the road to recovery is a top priority, family involvement in recovery gives the addict a solid support network to grow in their newfound sobriety. Family therapy for addiction recovery not only helps each family member understand a loved one’s addiction, but it also helps minimize the risk of family members falling into the addiction trap.

This article focuses on the importance of family involvement in recovery and the tremendous benefits of family addiction recovery programs. If you or a family member need the help of an IOP in Indiana, call Parkdale Center toll-free today. Our Indiana addiction treatment services are specifically geared toward working professionals, are evidence-based, and personalized to meet your unique needs. Conquer addiction once and for all with help from Parkdale Center.

Why Is Family Involvement in Recovery Important?

Having family involvement in recovery is important for two main reasons. First, addiction is a family disease, and each family member is affected by a loved one’s substance abuse issues. Because the focus on addiction is on the addict, there will be family members who feel left out, and there can be substantial resentment and anger. As a result, some family members may engage in risky behavior, rebel against the family, or even start using substances as a means of coping or to get attention.

The second reason why involving the family in recovery is important is the fact that family involvement in treatment not only increases an addict’s entry into treatment, it also increases the odds of the addict completing treatment and experiencing long-term recovery. Whether the family is present during intake, involved in family therapy sessions alongside their loved one, or providing services strictly for the family, having the family involved in the treatment process allows the family to heal and grow as a unit.

What Are the Benefits of Involvement in Recovery?

Many if not all drug rehabs offer family therapy and other family-centered programs in their treatment facilities. Family addiction therapy has numerous benefits that help the addict and the family unit as a whole heal and grow. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Better Understanding of Addiction As A Whole

Addiction is a complex and progressive disease, and it comes as no surprise that family members have a difficult time grasping this debilitating condition. Family programs help each family member understand that addiction is a disease and not a moral or spiritual failing. This deeper understanding helps create a strong sense of empathy and compassion for their loved one who is struggling with substance abuse.

Opens Lines of Communication

Family addiction therapy gives each family member time to share how a loved one’s addiction has affected them in a safe and non-judgmental environment. An experienced therapist helps family members learn to become better listeners, and they learn healthy communication skills to help diffuse conflicts and other potential issues that can impact the recovery process.

Building Stronger Relationships

Often, family members will engage in enabling behaviors to help an addicted loved one. While done with good intentions, these behaviors often do more harm than good. Family programs are designed to help families avoid enabling and codependent behaviors and help families build strong relationships and set healthy boundaries.

Improved Mental Health

Taking part in family programs in addiction recovery improves the overall mental health of all family members. The stresses associated with a loved one’s addiction take a heavy toll on family members. These programs provide therapy and other supportive programs that help improve mental health and help family members recognize and change unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

Parkdale Center Can Help You and Your Family Heal From The Ravages of Addiction

Addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer of lives. If you are struggling with substance abuse, you must find a rehab facility that suits your unique needs. Parkdale Center is one of Indiana’s top-tier drug rehab centers. Our programs and services are designed to help the working professional address and overcome addiction and mental illness issues. We offer evidence-based outpatient treatment programs, dual diagnosis treatment, and a unique Career Restoration program that helps all clients navigate the obstacles that arise when re-entering the workforce.

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