Daily Affirmations for Dual Diagnosis Recovery

Daily Affirmations for Dual Diagnosis Recovery

Recovering from a dual diagnosis is a long and sometimes difficult journey. You will have days where you feel on top of the world, then you will have days where you feel like you are hanging on by the slimmest of threads. It is during those difficult times when you need to dig deep and find the coping skills you need to stay strong.

One of the most powerful coping skills in that arsenal is daily affirmations. This article will take a deeper dive into affirmations for recovery and how they can transform your outlook and life. If you need treatment for co-occurring disorders or just need quality aftercare programs, call Parkdale Center today. We offer multiple levels of care, evidence-based addiction treatment in Indiana, and expert support that will firmly put you on the road to recovery.

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What Are Daily Affirmations?

Simply defined, daily affirmations are positive and empowering statements that assert your value and worth. These affirmations can be said aloud in the morning when you wake up, spoken to yourself during the day, or even written down. The purpose of affirmations is to bolster your confidence, reduce negative thoughts, or reduce anxiety when stressful situations arise.

It is thought that regular practice of daily affirmations transforms negative thoughts into positive thoughts. When you practice daily affirmations, it helps you steer toward healthy goals. Daily affirmations are different from person to person and reflect what is most important in each individual’s life. Affirmations can reflect a person’s goals, dreams, interests, or core values.

Are Daily Affirmations Science-Based?

On the surface, simply reciting positive statements to yourself may not seem very beneficial. In reality, positive daily affirmations are thought to create new neural pathways that create physical connections to these thoughts. If you practice positive affirmations daily, you strengthen these pathways, which makes it easier for the brain to find positive thoughts. Eventually, daily affirmations lead to continued positive thinking, which in turn boosts your self-confidence and esteem.

How Can You Create Your Daily Affirmations?

Are you ready to make affirmations for recovery part of your daily routine? It is important to note that the practice of daily affirmations has to be consistent and done daily. These affirmations should be done several times daily, whether they are at set intervals or after big or stressful events. The following blueprint will help you create daily affirmations that will have a lasting positive impact on you.

Find A Quiet Space

The best daily affirmations are very focused, and that requires finding a quiet space. Find a room in your home, apartment, or office that provides calm and quiet. The room you choose should have a door that locks to avoid any interruptions while you practice your affirmations. You can also use a secluded part of your backyard or any serene outdoor setting.

Make Your Affirmations Your Own

To make your affirmations more impactful, it is important to create your own that have deep personal meaning. Avoid using stock affirmations you may find in books, websites, or apps. Additionally, you want your affirmations to be realistic, attainable, and goal-oriented. You also want to avoid putting negative thoughts and phrases into your affirmations.

Keep Your Affirmations Oriented Toward the Future

When you are creating your affirmations, be sure they are aiming toward a future goal. Be sure your affirmation is pushing you towards a goal you want to achieve. Additionally, it is important to ground your affirmation in the present as if you are already working towards your goal. Use starting phrases such as “I am” or “I can”.

Boost Your Recovery With Help From Parkdale Center

If you are recovering from a dual diagnosis or other condition, continued treatment bolsters your chances of long-term recovery. Parkdale Center offers intensive outpatient and aftercare services at our drug and alcohol rehab for professionals. In addition to intensive outpatient and aftercare programs, Parkdale Center offers individual counseling and telehealth addiction treatment, as well as career restoration services that help you get back on track with employment.

Boost your confidence and esteem in your dual diagnosis recovery with help from Parkdale Center.

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