How The Process Works

Each professional will carry the weight of their career, responsibilities, and work/life balance differently. At Parkdale Center, we teach you how to manage the stressors and triggers in your life that have led you down the path of addiction. Your work identity, whether you are a nurse, lawyer, physician, pilot, corporate executive, athlete, laborer or engineer, influences many of life’s outcomes and opportunities. 

Stage 1: Assessments

Commitment-Free Phone Assessment @ 888-883-8433

We pride ourselves on our ability to service a diverse community of professionals who are struggling with substance use, but we also understand the importance of finding the best fit for you or someone you know. We are just a phone call away and are here to answer all of your questions, as well as address your concerns.

  • We help you understand the estimation of length, how much detox may be needed, cost factors, and how to navigate what is next.
  • Inpatient facility may be recommended at this stage if you are extremely dependent. We will help identify and direct those in need.
Comprehensive Assessment

This assessment is designed to ensure that you will receive the appropriate treatment needed to identify and address the triggers of your individual disease. This key assessment time is also what forms the basis of your insurance baselines. Our clinical team will customize the right plan of care.

Comprehensive Assessment Includes:

  • Addiction Assessment
  • Complete History & Physical
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Medical Assessment
  • Family Assessment
  • Dietary Assessment
  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Detoxification Assessment
Stage 2: Partial Hospitalization Program

Parkdale's Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is an intensive, full-time program that includes access to all of Parkdale’s treatment services. Individuals reside in Parkdale’s beautiful, serene, and historic facility, located near the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. The length of stay varies by individual.

Learn more about Parkdale's Partial Hospitalization Program.

Stage 3: Intensive Outpatient Program

Parkdale will assist you locally or will work with an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in your hometown to create a support system of individuals and outpatient appointments. This assistance will ensure you are ready to prevent the potential for relapse while encouraging lasting support and sobriety.

  • This stage is recommended to ensure that an individual begins to form new healthy habits when returning to everyday life.
  • Onsite group appointments in your community
  • Reintegration/Professional Re-entry to work, as recommended

Learn more about Parkdale's Intensive OutPatient Program
Stage 4: Outpatient/ Aftercare Program

We don’t just want you to meet your potential; we want you to form a relationship with it. The time post-IOP is referred to as “Aftercare”, which for many, leads to new beginnings. Long-term sobriety is attainable, but it doesn’t happen the minute you quit using. It takes the creation and development of a support system. At Parkdale, we are dedicated to helping everyone acquire this support - the professional in recovery, the family, the employer and anyone willing to engage. Parkdale is here for you through the whole stages of recovery.

  • Long-term sponsor engagement
  • Group meetings to create a supportive environment
  • Continued support for families, employers, and colleagues, as desired.
Learn more about Parkdale's Outpatient/ Aftercare Program.
Stage 5: Career Restoration
We, at Parkdale, understand the importance of re-entering your career with renewed confidence. Therefore, our career restoration program is one-of-a-kind and designed to provide you (the highly accountable professional) documented sobriety and compliance, with the goals of continued sobriety and employment. Parkdale is able to do this by helping you enter into a comprehensive return-to-work contract with either your current employer or potentially a new one. This contract can provide peace of mind and accountability for all parties.

If you’re committed to staying clean and sober, but you’re having trouble finding work in your profession, Parkdale will do the best we can to help guide you. You are not alone!

Learn more about Parkdale's Career Restoration Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Parkdale Center protect the privacy of its patients?
Parkdale Center understands that discretion and privacy is paramount to its clients. We always maintain strict patient confidentiality while adhering to all the HIPAA regulations. Your recovery journey is safe in our hands.
What is 12-step programming?
12-step programming is based on the original Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps to Recovery, originally created in 1935 by Bill W. and Dr. Bob. Since its creation, the 12 Steps have evolved to help thousands of individuals suffering from addictions in many forms. IOP and Aftercare are not exclusively 12 step programs but do utilize 12 step material when it is helpful to group members.
What is the training/experience of the people who will be treating me?
Parkdale Center prides itself on having highly educated, experienced clinicians on staff. Our Medical Director, CEO, COO, Program Director, nurses, psychiatric staff, and addiction counselors are all exceptionally well educated and trained in addiction treatment – some have been working in the field for more than 30 years. Please visit the Our Team page to learn more about the Parkdale Center staff.
Can you coordinate care with my current treatment providers?
Absolutely. We recommend it!
Is individual therapy available if necessary?
Parkdale primarily offers group psychotherapy but individual therapy may be available for unique cases.
If I don't like AA meetings is there something else I can do?
There are alternatives to AA meetings such as Celebrate Recovery (a faith-based recovery program), SMART recovery, Dharma Recovery, and others. Parkdale programs assist each client with individualized treatment plans including assistance in determining which recovery support group(s) are the best fit. Resources are also given to help clients find online and local support groups.
Do you provide trauma therapy?
Yes, the Parkdale team is experienced in trauma-based therapies and modalities.
Are mental health issues addressed?
Yes. Research has shown that substance use disorder is often accompanied by a variety of mental health disorders such as trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more. Often, patients aren’t even aware they’re struggling with a mental health issue until they come in for treatment of their substance use disorder. The key to long-term recovery in patients with these dual-diagnoses is addressing both the addiction and mental health challenges.
What if I expect to have withdrawal symptoms?
Parkdale Center is not a detox facility, and patients for whom withdrawal may pose serious risks will be referred to other facilities. However, we can help manage withdrawal symptoms for most patients. Withdrawal medication can help keep you comfortable during the initial stages of recovery. Our doctors will determine if outpatient withdrawal medication is right for you.
Will I see an addiction doctor?
Yes. Our Medical Director is certified in addiction medicine. We also have psychiatric practitioners, psychologists, and mental health counselors trained in treating substance use disorders.
What types of medications are used?
Parkdale Center’s doctors can prescribe medications for withdrawal, cravings, sleep, mood disorders, and other mental health conditions.
Can I continue to take my current medications while at Parkdale?
The Parkdale team will review your medications upon admission, please bring all of your medications clearly labeled and marked.
Can I smoke? Will you help me quit?
Smoking is not permitted in the facility but a designated area is in place for those who choose to smoke. Parkdale recommends abstinence and will provide you with the tools and resources needed for your sobriety.
Do I have to have my family involved?
Family involvement is not required but highly recommended.
When Can I Visit My Family?
Family visitation is not permitted during the first two weeks of treatment, and following that, will only be granted with the permission of the clinical staff. Please encourage your loved ones to take advantage of Parkdale Center’s Family Support offerings:
What type of services are offered to my family?
Addiction doesn’t only affect an individual struggling with substance use, but also their families, friends, and co-workers. We treat each individual patient holistically, and that includes helping their families recover as well. Family support begins with an initial family screening that helps us understand family dynamics and informs our treatment plan for the patient.

We offer, free of charge, weekly Zoom support meetings for families and friends, and regular, more intensive, in-person meetings. We urge families to take advantage of these support options. Please see ( for more detail about our family programs.
It's not just about saving your career; it's about saving your life.